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Costa Rica Wireless Internet

10 de Mayo, 2011  ·  Costa Rica Wireless Internet

Costa Rica WIFI - WIMAX - Wireless Internet Providers

Internet in Costa Rica has been assisting the country to step into the new age of telecommunications. Services such as 3G, WIFI, DSL, and cable are becoming available to more of the population at an alarming rate. Costa Rica Internet prices are very similar to those of other surrounding countries in Central America. The use of wireless internet equipment has been good choice for both business internet and residential.

The internet service in Costa Rica is now become more competitive. Telecommunication companies such as ICE are being challenged more every day with other forms of distribution rather than DSL or ADSL. WIFI and WIMAX are be offered by many businesses while cable television companies offer similar internet services as well. Each business internet provider has their services in Costa Rica such as fiber, cable, and wireless distribution.

How can internet be distributed in Costa Rica? For some of those that live in remote locations they have a choice of Costa Rica Wireless Internet by a few different companies. Commercial grade internet is also available by wireless distribution methods. Most cities with more than 2000 people have DSL, wireless, and cable to choose from for their method of internet distribution. Telecommunications are on an ever increasing scale in Costa Rica.

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