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Costa Rica Network Management

10 de Mayo, 2011  ·  Costa Rica Network Management

Wireless Internet providers in Costa Rica

The telecommunications industry is advancing by leaps and bounds in Costa Rica. During the last year and a half ICE has lost its government based monopoly on landline telephone, cell phone, and internet services. This has allowed for third parties to not only compete with ICE, but also to provide service into remote locations. Wireless Internet providers in Costa Rica can provide service now into those areas where in the past it was not possible allowing for better communications and assisting in entertainment and education as well.

Costa Rica Network Management

The management of networks in Costa Rica falls far short of its North American neighbor. Many companies do not have the needed hardware and technical skills to protect both their own network from public invasion, and their employees from browsing, social networks, and chat. Costa Rica Network Management companies that can be trusted are hard to find and typically are very expensive. Businesses are in very high need of well maintained routers, managed bandwidth, quality of service (QOS) and firewalls to insure fast and reliable network in Internet connectivity with security in mind.

Firewall Protection in Costa Rica

Why is it that Costa Rica is a targeted country for hackers? The main reason that devious users throughout the world use Costa Rica as a public gateway is to cover their tracks when breaking into other systems or putting viruses, Trojans, and other files into the public system. Primary providers such as ICE, Amnet, and CableTica do not provide good firewall protection in Costa Rica so it is important that both the public and corporate sector take this into consideration while developing or upgrading their current security strategy.

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